Food diary – June II

Since I follow so many blogs myself I felt inspired to get my own one back up. Reading back over the stuff I wrote I realised that I didn’t like what I was trying to write about and so I just stopped. One thing I do love a lot though is food. Food is great for beating tiredness, boosting energy, providing comfort and just getting me excited about life. So here goes; every month I will do two posts based on new food that I cooked and really enjoyed. I also want to gather a place where I make notes of good restaurants to visit in different cities that I travel to.

This week, food was fully influenced by a friend that came to visit us in Edinburgh for a weekend (hooray to foodie friends).

We ended up cooking a really summery salad for lunches, super simple and fun.



Grapefruit salad

  • Rocket
  • Grilled halloumi
  • Avocado
  • Grapefruit
  • Roasted pine nuts/almonds/peanuts
  • Lime dressing (olive oil, lime juice, honey, salt)



We also made recipes from two of my favourite cookbooks Chicken Adobo with broccoli rice (The Art of Eating Well by the Hemsley sisters) and Sweet potato wedges with lemongrass creme fraiche (Plenty by Ottolengthi). These two take a little extra time and effort but are fully worth it – the end result went down really well with everyone!




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