Rome, Italy

Rome was definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to! There is art in everything you look at and I feel like every street I have walked down has not changed since forever.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you would be obsessed with Dubrovnik. If you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones you’d still probably be obsessed with Dubrovnik. The architecture and sunshine is out of this world.

22/12/2013- #TBT Scotland

ImageSo far whilst studying in Scotland, the weekend where I went away hiking with my friend will probably always remain as one of my favourite memories. Despite the lack of hot showers, any proper food aside from cheese sandwiches or proper gear we didn’t let our spirits fall…well not that low anyhow.

The Scottish hills hold both an enormous amount of charm and life, as well as a mysterious nonchalance and serenity. The focus was to keep moving up and up, no thinking – just climbing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Krakow, Poland

As a Polish teenager, ironically I was only exposed to Krakow whilst on holiday with my friends last year. I have lived outside of Poland for as long as I can remember (13 out of my 19 years) and although I will always feel a sense of ‘home’ when I am traveling around the motherland, I do feel excited to experience Polish culture and life itself- because it has always been somewhat of a mystery to me.

My family is not your typical Polish family I would say. Most of my aunts/uncles/cousins live in the States or France, and so we’re all very much an international bunch of people. However, we love guesting people in our homes and feeding them enormous amounts of food, so you could say that we did take the best out of the Polish way of life and put it into our own mixes.

Whenever I am in Poland I see a lot of things I don’t like. The country has huge amounts of homophobes and racists. People are simple. Yet Krakow showed me how things are changing. We are moving into the right direction in terms of cultural experiences and openness. The bitterness of the older generations is fading as the country is no longer in threats, and the scare of the past wars leaves scars but ones that have had the time to heal. Being in Krakow I met tourists who fell in love with the “Polish hospitality”, students at the local University and many others and they enlightened me that ‘hey as a nation, we’re not that bad’. We do have our problems. But there is nothing quite like having someone guest you in Poland. If you have never been, I truly urge you to experience the city’s splendors. The atmosphere during the summery months of May through to July will keep you buzzing with happiness.

I leave you with some photos that I took, whilst on my trip.